E-Krediidiinfo.ee is Estonia’s largest and the most accurate business information database.

  • Timely information on all Estonian companies and private individuals (ages 16-80)
  • Corporate data is updated every hour (source: Business Registers, Credit Register)
  • Data on private individuals are updated once a day (source: Population Register)
  • Official Credit Register (600 thousand unique payment defaults)

E-Krediidiinfo Pro package gives you a professional tool to obtain information about your customers and competitors. This is the quickest way to obtain background information about individuals and companies in Estonia, to increase sales and avoid debts. One-time fee for joining is 40 euros, there are no fixed costs (annual and monthly fee). The cost for the requested reports is according to the price list.

To join E-Krediidiinfo Pro a written agreement will be concluded, after which every user is given an individual user name and password. Please see general terms and conditions.

“Proff-XL” and “Proff-L” – a contemporary solution for everyday use

E-Krediidiinfo‘s business packages “Proff-XL” and Proff-L” are contemporary solutions for your daily business and risk management needs. The rich and well-visualized information composition of the packages appears directly on the screen, providing you with a prompt overview of the company’s payment behavior and the availability of updated financial data. Upon regular need for information, Proff-XL and Proff-L packages are suitable for use by all employees in your company, if you do not need to print out and archive the data. For a previously agreed package fee, you can make an unlimited number of queries. The number of users is also unlimited, and adding new users is free!


For additional information, please call 665 9600 or send an e-mail info@creditinfo.ee.

AS Creditinfo Eesti - Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
+372 665 9600 (9:00-17:00) info@creditinfo.ee
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