Company Valuation

The objective of business valuation is to answer the question: ‘How much is a company worth today?’

Company valuation helps:

  • owners to sell the company;
  • investors to find a company worth purchasing,
  • partners to ensure that a company is sustainable;
  • upon merger or division, the parties to agree on the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Although in most cases a company has a certain emotional value for the owner, an impartial analysis constitutes a prerequisite to the commencement of any further negotiations.

Business valuation identifies specific values and assessments as well as thorough explanations to all components that affect the value of a company.

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A Company Valuation report includes the following information:

  • The value of a company in the current economic situation, and the sensitivity thereof in different scenarios, main indicators;
  • Estimate of future cash flows as grounds for identifying the company’s value, together with a thorough explanation of the indicators;
  • Description of the most important financial indicators and ratios; assessments with graphs and comparisons to average values of the industry;
  • Financial reports and ratios of the company for five previous years;
  • Calculations of market ratios;
  • Assessment methodology and principles thereof.
Assessment Methodology

Creditinfo’s business valuation process uses the discounted free cash flow method (DFCF) which can be defined as the present value of future cash flows expected on the assets. The analysis is based on historical and current indicators of the company. Calculation of the present value of future cash flows can be used in the process of assessing the value of any company, whereas this method has proven to be the most accurate in case of private businesses.

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