Credit Report

Credit Report gives a detailed overview of company’s financial situation. We recommend to use Credit Report for making any crediting or investment related decisions, for example when concluding sales, representation and cooperation agreements, issuing client cards and commodity credit etc.

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Reports are available immediately via E-Krediidiinfo

Credit Report is available in Estonian and English.

What information the report includes?

  • Creditinfo rating*
  • members of the board and council
  • shareholders
  • Creditinfo Beneficial Owner
  • related companies
  • other people connected with the company
  • Legal Entities Previously Connected to the Company
  • registered capital
  • field of activity
  • liability to value added tax
  • paid taxes
  • dynamics of number of employees
  • evaluation of company’s financial situation
  • last three years’ annual balance sheets and income statements
  • revenue distribution by activity
  • balance sheet’s and income statement’s trend analysis
  • last three years’ annual cash flow statements
  • financial ratios
  • tax and customs debts
  • payment defaults
  • company’s media reflection
  • official announcements

* Creditinfo rating

Creditinfo rating is a summary grade given to companies by Creditinfo Eesti AS based on the company’s economic and financial situation and payment behavior.

Creditinfo rating enables to give quick evaluation to a company’s general situation and at the same time to compare it with other companies, because every year Creditinfo gives an automated rating to all companies, which have submitted an annual statement.


Estonian companies distributed by rating as of April 2021


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