Credit Risk Management

The aim of risk management is to help you to sell to the right clients up to the limit.

The most frequent mistake in setting the credit limit for clients is that common conditions are worked out for evaluation of credit solvency, which are applied to all clients. The worse case is if credit limits are set according to the ‘gut feeling’, i.e. all rules to support decision-making are missing. When evaluating credit solvency, you should always consider the specifics of the company, which is why we will help you to compile a credit analysis system corresponding to every client’s needs.

We offer you several possibilities to check the credit solvency of clients:

1. The automated scoring and rating systems that let you know in a minute whether to give to a company a credit or not, making the primary credit affordability assessment really comfortable.

2. Our Credit Manager will keep an eye on your existing client base, and respective credit recommendations can be followed on the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Recommendations for the credit management process

In order to regulate company’s credit management, the following questions should be answered.

  • How to decrease credit risks, how to evaluate a client’s credit affordability and determine credit limits?
  • How does the process of sending payment reminders work?
  • How and when is settlement of invoices reminded of?
  • How are complaints handled?

Recommendation 1. Review and formalize in written your current credit management processes. Interview all employees involved in credit management and map the activities and processes taking place in the framework of credit administration.

Recommendation 2. If these rules give a clear answer to all the above questions, then the company’s credit management is in good order. If not, find answers to the questions and implement the solutions.

Whether you do this independently or in cooperation with Creditinfo is up to you to decide.

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