Under the heading „IT-solutions” we have gathered all web services provided by Creditinfo, which allow to make inquiries directly through the client programme.

Web Services are software components that are located in the server and which the client programmes can access over the Internet. Web Services can be integrated in any computer, provided it has Internet access.

The technical information on Krediidinfo’s web services is located at

For additional information call +372 665 9600 or e-mail to

XML reports

XML report is a SOAP protocol based web service, which enables to obtain the necessary information to check the background of a company or private person with one click of the mouse. It is not necessary to enter the E-Krediidiinfo environment to order reports when using the interface, but you will get all Creditinfo reports and information inquiries directly from your business system. Upon request, we can adjust the existing reports to fit your needs. Technical information.

The price of the service is inquiry-based and depends on the number of performed inquiries.

Ordering XML reports:

  1. Agree the structure and price of reports with our customer manager
  2. Our customer manager asks IT department to prepare a report for you
  3. We will send you a test-report:
    – test user’s username and password
    – interface description
    – the scheme (XSD schema) and description of report
    – test-report registry- and ID codes with all possible exceptions
  4. Once you have completed testing, our customer manager will send you the user account with the rights and specific interface.


KiCompany is a Creditinfo’s SOAP protocol based web service which helps to find companies` base data and simplifies registration of new clients in your data base. It is also a simple and comfortable means to check existing clients` data and to update it if necessary. Technical information.

KiCompany can be used in order to find the following data:

  • registry code
  • contact address
  • legal address
  • telephone and fax number
  • e-mail address
  • internet address
  • commercial register status i.e. if a company is operating, liquidated or bankrupt.


KiDocExchange is a Creditinfo’s web service to send files to Creditinfo. The service is mostly used by credit management clients and members of the Credit Register to forward data. Technical information.


KiCreditManagement is a Creditinfo’s SOAP protocol based credit management web service. KiCreditManagement WSDL can be found at:

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