Market Review

Every year, Creditinfo Estonia AS prepares sectoral market reviews that provide a comprehensive overview of the whole market and its top companies.

The industry-specific Market Review compiled by Creditinfo is a good tool to get a comprehensive annual overview of the market situation, dynamics, competitors’ situation and the status of your company in the sector.

The Market Review allows you to:

  • determine the market volume and monitor market dynamics;
  • compare your company to average indicators on the market and competitors;
  • assess its attractiveness upon entering a new market;
  • find the suitable strategy for the new financial year;
  • prepare presentation materials about your company.

The analysis containing plenty of figures and illustrative diagrams (electronic + printout) has had numerous revisions and now consists of two parts. The Market Review is also available in Estonian and Russian.

report-column-chartView the Sample Market Review (pdf).

NB! All customers who order the review will receive an Excel file (.csv) with the balance sheets, profit reports and indicators of companies within the sample.


We offer the following packages:

Full package, at € 249 + VAT

  • Economic data for the companies within the sample for the last two financial years in a format (CSV) compatible with data processing programs (e.g. Excel and Numbers);
  • 2017 Market Review in Estonian in PDF format;
  • 2017 Market Review in Russian and/or English in PDF format;
  • A bound printed version of the 2017 Market Review in Estonian and/or English;
  • Delivery of the 2017 Market Review book by courier.

Standard package, at € 229 + VAT

  • Economic data for the companies within the sample for the last two financial years in a format (CSV) compatible with data processing programs (e.g. Excel and Numbers);
  • 2017 Market Review in Estonian in PDF format.

If you wish to add enterprises to the sample containing the market sector’s top companies, €50 + VAT will be added to the package.

Please fill in the order form to place your order.

As an additional value, we offer market reviews based on economic data from 2015 and 2016, which enable you to prepare even more accurate forecasts about market trends and the activities of market participants. The special price of a market review of one financial year is €149 + VAT, which will be added to the price of your chosen package.

For additional information, please contact tel: +372 665 9600 or 

Market Review includes two parts:

Part I, “Market”, comprises all the companies that have earned revenue in the Market Review sector as their primary or additional field of activity. Graphical materials show the total market volume for the last three years with averages and the largest market volume holders with a breakdown by companies.

Part II, “Sample”, contains up to 100 companies for which the Market Review sector is the main area of business. By default, the sample contains the largest companies of the sector, but we can include the enterprises of interest to you in the sample on your request.
Diagrams provide a comprehensive picture of the credit quality, profit and sales revenue (incl. revenue from both domestic and export sales) of the sample. In addition, the market review contains concise annual reports of the companies within the sample for the last two years, major indicators and comparison of the averages of the sample.

report-column-chartView the Sample (pdf)

Market Reviews will be completed on the basis of economic data 2017, on the following areas of activity:

  • Accounting companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Architectural bureaus
  • Bakeries
  • Building contractors
  • Car dealerships
  • Car rental companies
  • Car repair and service companies
  • Cleaning service companies
  • Coffee & tea – sellers and services
  • Companies installing heating, ventilation and climate control equipment
  • Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecom
  • Debt collection companies
  • Dental care providers
  • Electrical installation companies
  • Energy production, distribution and selling companies
  • Engineering and technical design bureaus
  • Fishing, processing and wholesale
  • Forestry and logging companies
  • Forwarding agents
  • Grain growers
  • Health centres
  • Heat producers
  • Hotels
  • Installers of roof structures and roofing materials
  • Installers of water pipelines and sanitary installations
  • Laundries and dry cleaning companies
  • Law offices
  • Meat processing plants
  • Milk producers
  • Mining industries
  • Organisers of gambling
  • Optics companies
  • Passenger transport bus service companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Peat producers
  • Printers
  • Producers of alcohol and soft drinks
  • Producers of concrete and cement
  • Producers of furniture
  • Producers of metal structures and parts thereof
  • Producers of packages
  • Producers of stone products
  • Producers of windows and doors
  • Producers of wooden and log houses
  • Providers of postal delivery and courier services
  • Providers of translation and interpretation services
  • Publishing offices
  • Real estate bureaus
  • Rental of tools, machines and construction equipment
  • Retail companies
  • Retailers of engine fuels
  • Road construction companies
  • Road transport companies
  • Security service providers
  • Sellers of construction materials and products
  • Sellers of electric materials and equipment
  • Sellers of flooring and wall covering materials
  • Sellers of furniture
  • Sellers of home appliances and electronics
  • Sellers of locks and door accessories
  • Sellers of luminaries and electrical supplies
  • Sellers of medical supplies and equipment
  • Sellers of mining and construction machinery
  • Sellers of office supplies
  • Sellers of sports products
  • Sellers of tyres
  • Sellers of watches and jewelery
  • Sewing companies
  • Ship & boat building and repair
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Utility companies
  • Veterinary companies and sale of pet goods
  • Wholesalers of alcoholic beverages
  • Wholesalers of engine fuels
  • Wholesalers of medical products
  • Wood processing plants

Did not find your area of activity in the list? Let us know!

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