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Creditinfo Eesti AS cooperates with Creditinfo international group to acknowledge Estonian companies awarded with “Excellent” (AAA), “Very Good” (AA) or “Good” (A) business ratings issued by Creditinfo.

High Business Rating demonstrates good economic position and financial results of the company, as well as its proper payment discipline. Creditinfo rating is based on international models that find extensive recognition outside Estonia.

A certificate of Successful Estonian Company helps you to demonstrate high ratings and improve the company’s image in the eyes of customers, employees and business partners both home and abroad.

What is the Creditinfo Rating?

The Creditinfo Rating is a company’s unique overall rating which is based on an analysis of the economic and financial situation as well as the payment behaviour of the business. It is a thorough, reliable and prompt credit analysis instrument applied to all actively operating companies in Estonia. Read more about the rating here.

Marketing Package for Successful Estonian Companies

Take advantage of your superior business results by demonstrating your credit worthiness and sustainability. You can get all the necessary tools from us. We have prepared the Marketing Package for Successful Estonian Companies, allowing you to:

  • introduce yourself to new and existing clients in a positive light;
  • use the high rating to establish trust and get better credit terms from your suppliers;
  • increase the motivation and security of employees by showing that they are involved with a stable company;
  • prove to the company’s owners that the operating management has been highly competent and earned a high rating for the company;
  • receive recognition as an entrepreneur that your years of hard work have finally paid off and your company has received a token of success.

Ask for more information on the marketing package for Successful Estonian Companies from our client representative:  Ljubov Ein, tel. +372 665 9637,  

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